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Hertel watches and jewelry - Adora, Casio, Boccia Titanium, Bering Time, Festina

My online store for watches and jewelery by renowned German manufacturer!

Our offer for you: Your big online shop for brand name watches and jewelery. We offer a wide range of watch and jewelry brands of Adora, Boccia, Bering, Casio, Fossil, Festina, Regent. Wristwatches, pocket watches, radio watches, etc. to buy online at Hertel watches because two experienced master watchmakers can competently advised.

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CEM Coins Crazy

CEM Coins


Das gesamte Schmuck Sammelsystem Crazy Coins von CEM.



Mechanisch, Quarz, Funk. Hier die richtige Taschenuhr für jeden Anlass.

Adora Uhren

Adora Design, Adora Titan Adora Saphir, Adora Naitic.

Bering Time Uhren

Bering Uhren zeitlose Schönheit ultra-flaches dänisches Design

Time and time measurement. The time, what is it?

SonnenuhrTime is a word. In the imagination of the people they designed through the line up of events that we have held in our world of thought. The time is directly dependent on the cosmic processes in space. The time is inconceivable for us humans in their eternity without beginning or end. The coming and going of the time we see people through the pass of events. We call it, just what happens Instantly, the present, what happened, the past and that is what the coming future. Before the man could make devices to determine the time, he was directed by his observations of nature. The shorter and longer and the migration of the shadow of a tree showed him the course of a day. In this way a certain subdivision of the day has been carried out. Later, the first watches, sundials emerged. A vertical column, also known as Gnome, threw their shadows in succession on the hour markers.


The mechanical clock

mechanische UhrWith the introduction of the mechanical wheel clock completely new ways were gone in the time measurement. The basic idea of the mechanical structure, it was by a power source, a weight or spring, to drive a gear train to which moves through a one-time facility hurrying forward. This time one hurrying device, also called inhibition is largely responsible for the accuracy of the mechanical clock. Centuries of development is in a modern mechanical clock. With the spindle escapement it has begun. The most accurate mechanical watches nowadays work with a chronometer escapement. Here transition accuracies of less than a minute deviation per year. Modern pocket watches and wrist watches are equipped with a Swiss lever escapement. When a mechanical alarm the inexpensive and reliable pin-lever escapement is used.


The quartz watch

QuarzuhrThanks to the modern microelectronics quartz watches have launched their triumphant in the world of watches. That was not always so. The first quartz watches were very expensive, big and were realized by electron tubes circuits. Quartz watches have excellent accuracy and are also very inexpensive and can be produced in unlimited quantities. As everyday life and use the clock quartz is now here to stay. In many devices that we use every day we find them again.


If you are asking yourself. Which clock I decide, quartz or mechanical clock?

ZeitsignalA mechanical clock has something nostalgic and special. Of course, the mechanical precision work in such a clock has a price and it also requires a great deal of care. A quartz watch is an electronic mass product that can be bought for a few euros already. Of course, a quartz watch must also be maintained, because the battery has a limited life. The change of a spent battery is an easy job for a watchmaker and costs only a few euros. A mechanical clock, however, should be overhauled after 5 years of a professional. The clock is broken down into all its component parts, worn parts are replaced. After cleaning, then all the parts are reassembled and adjusted. Such work can only be done by a watchmaker and of course has its price.


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